When Tomorrow Never Comes


Chapter 1 Three Dire Predictions

Chapter 2 The Mind – “You’ll never be anything but a bum!”

Chapter 3 The Body – “You’re permanently disabled now.”

Chapter 4 The Spirit – “Your life is ruined!”

Chapter 5 What I Learned about Our Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter 6 Become the Best You Can Be

Chapter 7 Earn it


When Tomorrow Never Comes

Chapter 1

Three Dire Predictions

“You’ll never be anything but a bum!”

“You’re permanently disabled now - and will never lead a normal life again.”

“You’re the prime suspect in three horrific murders...and your life is ruined!”

These three predictions were about the same life. What kind of person do you think that person became? Bitter? Cynical? Angry? Anti-social? Alcoholic? Drug addicted? Psychopathic? Convicted murderer? All of these? And where do you think that person is today? Homeless? Imprisoned? On Death Row? Dead and buried?

These dire predictions were about my life. What kind of person I have become is something I leave to you to determine. But, where I am in my life today, is helping as many as I can by sharing what I have learned from my life journey through delivering health and wellness inspirational talks based on this book.

These dire predictions about my life - and how I responded to them – defined my life and moved me to share what I’ve learned from them about our Mind, Body and Spirit. Despite what I have experienced in my life, many are surprised - or shocked - to learn what I still believe. I believe in the fundamental goodness of people, that each of our lives is about more than just our lives, that each of us is supposed to become the best we can be and that we are supposed to help make this a little better world. I pray every morning that,


“through my life, I will become the best I can be physically, mentally and spiritually – so I can help make this a little better world for all.”

I have been asked many times how I made it through my life challenges in such a way that I have the attitude I have and am who I am today. Through more completely answering these questions and sharing what I have learned through my life journey as you read on, I hope to help make this a little better world. So, this book is really a book for you and the many lives you can influence through yours.

Through what we can all learn from my life challenges, I hope to inspire you about you and your life, so you will become the best you can be and will help make this a little better world. The more who strive with me to do this, the better this world will be.

As I delve into later, helping make this a little better world begins with each of us becoming the best we can be. But today far too many are falling far short of becoming the best they can be and are dying well before their time.

A deadly crisis today is affecting almost every family. Life expectancy in the U.S. declined in 2016 for the first time since 1993 when the AIDS epidemic took so many lives that year. U.S. life expectancy declined once again in 2017 marking the first two consecutive years of life expectancy decline since 1962 and 1963 when influenza ravaged the U.S. These National Center for Health Statistics numbers are in stark contrast with other developed countries around the world where life expectancy is increasing! To make matters worse, "If we're not careful, we could end up with declining life expectancy for three years in a row, which we haven't seen since the Spanish flu, 100 years ago," is what the National Center for Health Statistics’ chief of mortality statistics department, Bob Anderson, told CNN. Most alarming about these numbers is that, much of the current U.S. life expectancy decline is due to an increasing number of young and middle-aged Americans whose hopes, dreams and lives ended well before their time from opioid drug overdose, suicide and other preventable causes because they did not healthily deal with their life challenges.


Because of not adequately and properly doing something about it, we have a problem which the U.S. Government recently declared a Public Health Emergency. And when I say “we” have a problem which has become an emergency or crisis, I mean we. Like a pebble tossed into a vast ocean affects the entire ocean, the lost promise and potential of each of these lives ending before their time affects all of us - from increasing our medical and medical insurance costs to our eroding our national productivity and wealth and, especially, to weighing on our collective national psyche and self-image, which I submit foreshadows our nation’s future.

Instead of becoming one of these sad statistics of lives ending well before their time, do you want to overcome your own life challenges, turn your own tough times into something good, live a long, healthy, happy life and even help make this a better world? Having picked up this book literally or electronically and read to this point says that you probably do. If you do, or at least want to become better than you are today, I hope to inspire you about your life through a true story – my true story - that many tell me has inspired them through just the little they know about it.

From intentionally sabotaging my life so I could become the “bum” I’d been told for so many years I was going to becoming physically disabled for life from a spinal injury and unable to lead a normal life again, to being told that I needed to finally confess to three brutal murders, how did I survive to thrive and write this book? Surviving my Mind, Body and Spirit challenges forced me to become the best I could be. And I want to share with you what I learned.

In the pages that follow, I will tell you how I overcame my life challenges and what I learned from them about our Mind, Body and Spirit. But, most importantly, I will share with you how we can all overcome our own life challenges and live long, healthy, happy lives through becoming the best we can be.


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